01 Website Design Modern and attractive design from a leading studio in New York. Get an offer 02 Graphic design A full range of graphic design services. From labels to billboards Get an offer 03 3D Game design Development of 3D games.
TOP mobile games for any OS
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04 product design Modern and attractive design from a leading studio in New York. Get an offer

Who We Are

One of the best design studios in New York

Our company was founded in 2009. From that moment on, our comprehensive but very effective development began in the market to provide high-quality web design services. Now we have not only serious experience, but also first-class and modern technologies.

We are proud of our history, but most of all, we are proud of our satisfied customers. Every day we create beautiful and effective website designs. Trust the professionals.

Years of experience

Successful projects

Satisfied customers

Facebook Pack
from $79.00
  • A complete package of images from 11 templates. Professional top design.
Instagram Pack
from $99.00
  • Attractive templates, a complete package of 8 images. Amazing styles.
Twitter Pack
from $129.00
  • Tweets with images retweets 150% more often. Take advantage of this!
LinkedIn Pack
from $139.00
  • Quality templates for your account. Professionals know how important it is.

Full Range of Design

Design to solve any problems. From web design to product design

Website UX/UI design

Development of UX / UI design for sites of any complexity. For blogs, store or corporate.

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Graphic design

Development of printing, labels, flyers and brochures of any orientation.

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Social Media design

Development of styles and page design for social networks. Creative solutions.

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Application design

Development of productive and efficient applications for Android or MacOS.

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Game Design

Development and production of 3D games on modern platforms. Any subject.

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Product Design

Design development for packaging food, medicine, cosmetics and household appliances.

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Our Amazing Team

Experienced and professional specialists at your service.

Gustavo Kritto Head of Sales Department
Gustavo Kritto
Head of Sales Department
Angela Kampline Head of Support
Angela Kampline
Head of Support
Michael Yorde Network Administration
Michael Yorde
Network Administration
Dorothy Goldenrose HR Department
Dorothy Goldenrose
HR Department

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